Tine Melk


Milk runs through any Norwegian kids veins. Seriously, find something sharp, go grab a kid. Or let Veslemøy find focus and give food stylist Monica Sjølie a sharpie. Tine, the number one producer of milk up here in the land og Vikings went for number two.


Veslemøy and Monica set out to illustrate the fact that most Norwegian prefer milk to complement pretty much any type of digestible. The result is a testimony to their tight collaboration and sense of form.


Already in high demand, it’s worth mentioning that the two are establishing what is to become Oslos new hub for food photography. In a charming brick building dating back to the 1800’s, 2 studios are being draped in natural lighting accompanied by a full kitchen and everything needed to host feature shoots and campaigns for grocery chains, cookbooks, local producers and the occasional food blogger.


We suggest a drop in service. Think about it. You’re at home cooking and blowing your own mind. Run down there, fast as hell, get your mouthwatering #foodporn done. This agent is going somewhere (slow clap).