Norwegian Seafood Council


Photography is unforgivingly momentary. Positioning yourself and a camera within striking distance of that illusive moment sometimes requires extraordinary effort and preperations. Few photographers handles more extreme locations and logistic challenges than Johan Wildhagen.


Think Bear Grylls in Man vs. Nature. Now be impressed by his camera crew. Slash the crew down to one, and you have a fairly accurate idea of how Mr. Wildhagen works. Enter the Norwegian Seafood Council, and cue the theme music from Knight Rider for dramatic effect.


If you know anything about the climate in Norway it’s probably related to subzero temperatures. It takes cojones courage to defy polar conditions day in and day out to supply the world with the fruits of the sea. But hey, it has to be done. Dubai won’t last long without their airborne King Crab. Hamburg is surprisingly addicted to Cod, Brazilians need their Clip fish and the Portuguese can’t have their national dish Bacalao without, you guessed it, Norwegian seafood.


Johan has been chasing some key moments for the Norwegian Seafood Council since January of last year. It involves countless hours of waiting for schools of Cod, Trout, Salmon, Shrimps, or casts of crabs and scallops. Once they arrive, and if you’re able to hitch a ride with some nearby trawler you’ve got to tackle any condition. It’s been a windy ride. In search of the best fishing, there are zero fucks given to sunsets and calm water.


One of the hitchhikes out to the fishing grounds involved a Captain preaching this message and deciding to test Mr. Wildhagens guts down in the galley at the roughest portion of the day. He whipped up some Cod tung and butter fried Cod roe. The result? Time to cue said music once again and wave off a nauseated Captain that couldn't bare the smell. Mr. Wildhagen finished the frying pan.