Le Backhand

Wool, what is it good for?
The Norwegian undergarment brand, Le Backhand, has managed the art of making wool sexy. How? They’ve added 30% silk into the mix. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, it sounds just as rad and lovely as you thought it’d be. The feel of a garment with silk in the mix is nothing but a pleasure. The fruits of their labour are based on keeping humility and respect for both nature and humans. 

And it’s probably their respect for humans that made them choose Lars Petter to shoot their latest collection for full goodness. As most of us know, wool is 100% natural fiber. What most of us don’t know is even though his images may appear divine, Lars Petter is 100 % human being. 

70% wool + 30 % silk + 100% Lars Petter = 200% awesomeness.