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Johan waits a lot. Mostly for the right conditions. While he waits, he curates his phonebook containing an impressive list of sherpas, skiers, fishermen, pilots and meteorologists. 

That list gets a lot of the credit for his ability to deliver time and time again. And the quality of what he always delivers is what has made him known around the world.

His stills and films portrays some of the most spectacular bits on our dear planets menu. Johan carries with him a deep love for the nature and a desire to ensure future generations continual appreciation of the things he himself enjoys; ice fishing in the Barents sea, apex climbing in the Alps, windsurfing in Tjøme or heli dropping into a blizzard. 

Painting a full picture of Johan is hard without a few strokes about his commitment to the rainforest. Over the last eight years he's spent much of his free time painstakingly portraying life amongst the indigenous people who - in the worst of ways - have been subject of a forced adaptation of modern western values. “First Contact” is an emotional account on a highly relevant subject worth at least one look and quite a few shares.

Tracing the Tracks of Skiing to the Mountains of Altai / Norwegian Mountain Senter

Sweet Protection

Norwegian Seafood Council

Cover for Fay Wildhagen “Snow” / Warner Music, Design Halvor Bodin

Norwegian Seafood Council

Olympic Games Oslo 2022 / Snøhetta

Lyse Energi/Fasett


Statnett / SDG

Statnett / SDG

Helly Hansen / Asmus Nørreslet, Mt. Blanc

Wolfgang Hüber, at Refuge Couvercle

D2 / "MS" Vulkana, Lyngen

Jotunheimen Haute Route / David Rosenbarger at Store Skagadølstind

G Sport / at Kjerag, Lysefjorden

Nissan Outdoor Games / Tom Erik Heimen and Per Mundhjeld, Chamonix France

Sweet Protection / Ode Siivonen, Helbronner, Italy

Lyse Energi / Fasett

Norwegian Seafood Council

Norwegian Seafood Council

Helly Hansen / The Trollwall, Romsdalen, Norway

Klimapark, Juvassflye

Klimapark, Kjelebreen Glacier

Eviski / Trond Stokke at Store Vengetind


Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen / Urke, Hjørundfjorden

Mother and child, Altai Mountains, Xinjiang, China / Norwegian Mountain Senter

Okapi, North West in Democratic Republic of Congo / Rainforest Foundation

Alpine Chough, Refuge Requin, Mont Blanc Massif