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Artists are known for humility, generosity and selflessness. Anyone who've ever been in contact with, or even in vicinity of an actual artist would at this point recognise that we are indeed joking

But, every rule has an exception – as some wise men most likely once said. The good Ivar Kvaal is that rare gem of an exception. Good for him then, that he doesn't have to write his own bio. 

Ivars fantastically attentive eye reigns triumphantly in the not-so-neutral zone between documentary, art and commercial. He handles most things hurled at him, which is mostly more than we can say about most. Does that make him an generic all-rounder? Far from it. But it does indeed makes him a highly interesting storyteller.

You dont even have to take our word for it. Time Magazine has published many words, the best words, about Ivar and his pictures. He's also been exhibited at Musée de l'Elysée and auctioned at Christies in London. 

Speaking of words, Ivar runs the independent publishing house Ljå which recently won gold in the annual Most Beautiful Book Awards. All things considered, He truly is one of the greats from this icicle of the north we lovingly call Norvège.

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