Det onde drep ein ikkje med øks

Photographer Simon Skreddernes has over a period of time worked on the series «Det onde drep ein ikkje med øks» and is now presenting a selection of the photos at F5 Concept Store, in Oslo. Skreddernes comes from a family of farmers and fishermen, but has made a name for himself in modern aesthetics. These two extremes build the premise for this series.

The exhibition invites the viewer into an imaginary story from Skreddernes childhood. "It's a kind of a mental image from my childhood that I have tried to interpret in the physical form of pictures" he says. Skreddernes is recognized for his ability to bring aesthetic rarity and personality to everything he does, making him one of the most sought-after fashion photographers in Norway. The series «Det onde drep ein ikkje med øks» however, is less a showcase of fashion and more a personal, visual story told from a documentary perspective, caught in the intersection between reality and fantasy.

The exhibition is the result of a close collaboration with photographer and artist Sara Angelica Spilling, and art director and model Juliane Stensrud. «In this project we've worked with total freedom, devoid of commercial forces. We wanted to create a space together where we could explore boundaries, fantasies and new expressions in the symbiosis of our collected expertise».